OCEAN CHAOS – Ready to Wear Collection by Alicia Amaris Trixie

Human greed causes chaos in the sea and everything in it, and it leads to an imbalance in the marine ecosystem.
The clothing in the collection entitled ‘Ocean Chaos’ is made of natural fiber fabric, namely calico fabric which is modified with the shibori coloring technique with a motif depicting dynamic water waves in a maximalist style with extra large sizes with a dominant dark tone color.

In addition, there are also Indonesian woven fabrics with Asmat ethnic human motifs, which contains a philosophical meaning, namely humans who fight with life in the world and ask God’s mercy for the happiness of their lives.

In OCEAN CHAOS, the woven fabric depicts humans fighting their own greed so that this attitude has a negative impact on nature which is reciprocal in human life.

This chaos is also depicted by patches of torn cloth that are equipped with long dangling threads. To give it a shinny element, a gold fish scale motif was added as a depiction of marine life as well as some recycled materials, namely gold mamilon thread from factory waste which was hand sewn on torn cloth and the addition of gold organza rag which was manipulated using heat so that it gave a texture resembling sea water bubbles.

This collection is a reminder to humans for their actions that destroy nature, it is hoped that it can make people aware to be more responsible in utilizing natural resources.

A story by Alicia Amaris Trixie, Jemima Laura Chantika, Asa Studio, Aprillene Maharani, Savira Gunawan, Israbella Arum, Louisa Amelia, Alicia Novita and William Giasi


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